eConnect for RMH

NOW AVAILABLE: eConnect Web Integrator for Retail Management Hero (RMH)!

Our new eConnect integration works with virtually any shopping cart for automated web order download and items sync with RMH!

New West has a new web integration tool for RMH!

eConnect is available in two flavors; the first is a one-way sync that routinely reaches out to the web server to download an XML web order file, with customers and order details, and stages it in RMH as a Work Order to be recalled, picked and fulfilled.

The bi-directional sync option includes not only the XML download of orders but also the upload of new and updated web items as well as inventory availability to the web server. Images can also be uploaded to the web server via FTP. Our eConnect add-on is cart agnostic, therefore whatever type of system you have on your website, if you need your RMH software connected to your webstore, eConnect is the solution for you!

Contact our team today and learn how eConnect can enhance your web store and RMH point of sale environment!