New West Technologies – Integrating Retail Management with Business Growth

“Our solution performs various key operations such as bar code scanning, payment card processing and expedites entire retail management process.” ~Dan King, President of New West Technologies

Dan King, President of New West Technologies, Inc.

Portland, Oregon – December 19, 2016 – “With m-commerce and big data redefining the paradigms of retail, the landscape has become more elaborate, forcing retailers to be innovative as a survival mechanism” begins Dan King, President of New West Technologies. Use of smart commerce technology tools, such as omni-channel mobility and business intelligence (BI), have incited retailers to integrate POS, and other business systems to consolidate data and discern, anticipate and respond to buyer’s behavior. Though the collocated data enables companies to gain market insights, build inventory, and convert numbers into revenue, it also presents the inherent challenge of safeguarding information. The demanding quest to craft modern retail solutions that address smart clienteling, data security and mobility is what drives New West Technologies to evangelize the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX and AX Retail Essentials.

Portland, OR based New West Technologies outfits its clients with Microsoft Dynamics AX and customizes the solution to meet their needs. Through the versatile on premise and cloud-based solution, the company furnishes general features as well as non-core functionalities to fulfill a gamut of requirements in the modern retail management landscape. “We unify multiple systems in retail for large enterprises and help them to leverage the power of BI to optimize their revenue potential,” states King. In this era of the customer – where technology has transformed the social fabric of how we engage, connect and interact with one another – it is critical for businesses to gain insight into their customers’ needs in order to deliver experiences that build lasting relationships. Operating in today’s digitally connected world impacts businesses in so many ways, that adapting to customer preferences with agility and speed is essential.

“Delivering customer experiences is top of mind for every retail organization, and the use of technology is a talisman for the delivery of this. Building on the Microsoft vision around a desire for more personal computing, retail is at the forefront as organizations respond to the need for customers to shop in any mode, on any device, and at a time convenient to them. ” says King. The company leverages its knowledge in determining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for retail organizations and designs solutions to garner and manifest crucial data for performance enhancement.

New West provides small and medium businesses with its flagship product Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail Essentials to fight against the might of retail giants like Amazon. The solution envelops processes that range from modern point of sale (POS), store operations, merchandising, e-commerce, call center, and marketing. The product also solves complexities in customer care, supply chain, and financial reconciliation through its in-built options.

In one of the implementation highlights, a large automobile insurance organization, sought integration of membership, product, ticketing, and insurance system to streamline its product offerings. Also, the cashiers did not have visibility into pertinent processes. New West conducted discovery and gap analysis and designed a system with ability to gather data in real time and maintain consistent performance. After implementing the system, cashiers could serve all the needs of customers ranging from membership to currency exchange in a single transaction. Eventually, the client could improve user experience due to data unification.

With the new Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can deploy a complete solution to run your entire retail operation or deploy specific business functions with the option to expand into others later. Unlike the best-of-breed approach where multiple solutions have to be integrated with middleware that causes an added layer of complexity, Dynamics AX offers a more accurate, timely, and consistent user experience with a single data model, business rules, and architecture. “At the end of the day, our cutting edge solution advances the reach of unified commerce and contributes towards revolutionizing the retail industry,” concludes King.