Hardware and Peripherals

Let us help you choose the best of breed for your environmental requirements!

Fixed Lane Hardware

Mobile Hardware

Server Hardware

You’ve found the best software for your business. You have seen online demonstrations and maybe even spent time testing out the software yourself. But what retail POS hardware solution should you purchase to run your chosen software?

At New West Technologies, we know that even the best-of-breed software solutions are nothing without the best-of-breed retail point of sale hardware solutions to keep your company moving. Our team can put together an ideal package for your retail store, outlet, business office or warehouse with our many options for fixed lane, mobile, server and network hardware options.

Fixed Lane and Peripherals Hardware

For your fixed lane point of sale workstation and peripherals, our team wants to ensure you have the power and speed to keep up with your daily sales and operations processes. Let us ensure the specifications of your hardware meet the needs that your software demands. We do our best to ensure that your systems will be sold with the most up-to-date and compatible operating systems and drive technology to keep you running smoothly. Contact our sales team to discuss your fixed lane POS hardware solution needs today!


   Touch Dynamic All-in-One Bundle:
* 15″ or 17″ Touchscreen Monitor
* Up to i7 Processor
* Up to 16 GB RAM
* 320 to 500 GB Hard Drive, SSD Options Available
* Windows 10 Pro Operating System
* Integrated MSR, Printer, Scanner and Customer Display Options
HP RP9 Bundle HP All-in-One Bundle:
* 15.6″ Touchscreen Monitor
* Up to i7 Processor
* Up to 32 GB RAM
* 320 to 500 GB Hard Drive, SSD Options Available
* Windows 10 Pro Operating System
* MSR, Printer, Scanner, Fingerprint Reader and Customer Display Options
Dell All-in-One or Micro PC Bundle:
* Touchscreen and Non-Touchscreen Monitor Options
* i3 to i7 Processor
* 4 to 16 GB RAM
* 500GB Hard Drive, SSD Options Available
* Windows 10 Pro Operating System
* MSR, Printer, Scanner and Customer Pole Display Options
Point of Sale Peripherals:
Whatever your monitor and PC preferences for your point of sale system, don’t forget about your peripherals! We can recommend the best peripheral set for your specific needs.
* Receipt Printer
* Barcode Scanner
* MSR/PinPad/EMV Device
* Cash Drawer
* Pole/Customer Display
* Scale Solutions

Mobile Hardware

Extending your retail capabilities into the mobile world can bring your Microsoft Dynamics point of sale and inventory system to the next level. We want your mobile hardware to work hard so you don’t have to. By evaluating your specific requirements for mobility, our team can match you with the best device for the tasks you want to accomplish. Contact our sales team to discuss your mobility needs today!


ScanDroid Manager ScanDroid Manager:
* Android Operating System
* 5.0″ IPS Color Display
* 2GB RAM/16GB System Memory and Storage
* 4800mAh Battery
* Includes 1D/2D Imager Scanner
* Supports 802.11a/b/g/n Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0
* Supports 4G Network
* Industrial Protection Grade IP66 –
Waterproof, Dustproof, and 4Ft Drop
* Pistol Grip Option Available
* ScanDroid Drop Test
 Touch Dynamic Quest III Tablet:
* 7″ or 10″ Touch Screen Options
* Quad Core Processor
* 32GB Solid State Drive
* Enhanced Wireless Connectivity
* Ruggedized Design
* Standard Charging Dock
* Windows 10 Professional
* Options: Premium Dock (pictured), MSR, NFC, EMV,
2D Barcode Scanner and Biometric Reader
Citizen CMP-30 Mobile Printing:
Whatever your mobile preferences for your business,
don’t forget about printing! We can recommend the
best printer for your specific needs.
* Citizen Wireless Printer Options
* Zebra Bluetooth Printer Options
* O’Neil Bluetooth Printer Options
* Let us match you with the proper devices!

Server Hardware

Your business server is the soul of your company’s software and data management. Why leave the details to chance? Whether your system requires a small dedicated program server or large amount of centralized management, data storage and network communication, New West Technologies can evaluate your current environment and make our best recommendations for updates, upgrades, and even full server migration. Servers come in a wide range of options for software, user licensing, processing speed and storage capacity. Contact our sales team to start your server discovery and evaluation process today!


Tower Server Tower Server:
* Familiar Form Factor
* Portable Unit
* Low Space Requirements
Blade Server Blade Server:
* Very High Density Per Area
* Up to 14 Units in 7 Units of Space
* Offers the Most Flexibility
* Requires the Most Infrastructure to Support
Rack Mount Server Rack Mount Server:
* Centralize All Servers
* Easy Maintenance
* Requires Dedicated Location/Rack