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VIPay for Worldpay (an FIS Global company) has the benefit of extensive history with Microsoft Dynamics AX, RMS, and now Retail Management Hero

Worldpay VIPay

The VIPay for RMH and RMS integrations feature:

  • Great user services. OmniShield Assure fraud protection, PCI Assist for PCI compliance support, and Financial Breach protection.
  • Accept more payment methods. NFC Payments (Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay), EMV, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit, and more.
  • Encrypted Device Options. Point-to-point encryption keeps data secure from cyber thieves.
  • Advanced security features. Reduce PCI compliance burden – no cardholder data is stored on-site.
  • Flexible signature requirements. Merchants can set up the transaction amount for requiring a signature.
  • Improved customer experience. Process transactions quickly and safely for increased customer confidence and security.
  • Expanded user features. QuickChip functionality, Advertising Manager on the iSC250 device display, transaction line item display, signature capture for credit card, layaway and work order transactions, and more.
  • Responsive support team. A 24/7 support team helps maintain peace of mind that you are secure and have help when you need it.
Worldpay VIPay is compatible with the Ingenico Lane 3000 and 7000 payment terminals.

Worldpay has over 40 years in the credit card processing industry, covering approximately 146 countries, 126 transaction currencies, and more than 300 alternative payment forms, processing 40 billion transactions annually. They believe payment processing should be painless for businesses as well as the customers they serve, helping ease the logistics of taking credit card payments. For more information about Worldpay, visit

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