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International Bancard IBPay for Retail Management Hero (RMH) is a payment acceptance solution with an all-in-one gateway that is a game-changer for retailers.

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International Bancard provides its customers with the ability to integrate payments on-site, online, and on-the-go with excellent support and the best in security. IBPay supports Credit, EMV Credit, NFC (ApplePay, SamsungPay), manual entry, and EBT payments!

The IBPay RMH integration features:

  • Simple, plug-n-play install
  • Improved performance
  • Ethernet/WiFi connectivity
  • Remote updates, troubleshooting, and administration
  • Simple Deployments
  • Faster and more stable operation
  • Mobile payment terminal options
  • The best in payment card service

IBPay for RMH was built to help create value, making payment acceptance in Retail Management Hero point of sale easier so that you can launch faster, generate more revenue, and operate more efficiently.

International Bancard IBPay for Retail Management Hero (RMH) pairs with the Ingenico Telium TETRA Lane series of payment terminals, including the Lane 8000, Lane 7000, Lane 3000, and the mobile Link 2500 devices.

As a nationally recognized payment processing industry leader for nearly two decades, businesses rely on International Bancard’s market insight, data security knowledge, and client care to deliver exceptional service to more customers in more locations. For more information about International Bancard account setup, you can connect with them at

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