WebSell Integrated eCommerce

WebSell for RMH

With WebSell eCommerce integrated with your RMH or RMS system, you can share sales data, customer info, and inventory levels between your POS terminals and online store. Discover the most complete integrated solution for RMH and RMS.

Your POS solution has worked well for your business, but are you maximizing your return from it? With WebSell’s integrated eCommerce solution, you can connect the sales and customer information gathered by your POS terminals to your online store to ensure your customers have a seamless experience.

Today’s customer expects an integrated shopping experience no matter where, or how, they choose to interact with your brand. A web solution integrated with your in-store or back-office retail operations opens a world of opportunities from a sales, marketing, and customer-facing perspective. When all data is centralized on one platform, you can reward your customers by giving them a unified, omnichannel experience.

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  • Seamlessly Synchronize: WebSell’s integration uses the powerful back-office capabilities of RMH and RMS to become the backbone of your online store. A unified retail commerce system eliminates errors and delays at every customer touch-point by storing all product information and inventory levels in one database, so you’ll never sell an item that you don’t have in stock.
  • Reduce Costs: Cut costs spent on unnecessary IT labor trying to synchronize your POS terminals with your online storefront. WebSell gives you the tools to effectively manage your store from one platform, saving your business time and money so you can focus on delivering value.
  • Customize Your Store: Fully customize your web store with branded designs and mobile-responsive templates. Ensure all your customer touch-points are consistent throughout your brand so customers have a seamless experience whenever they interact with your business.
  • Accelerate Growth: Unlock the power and value in your RMS or RMH system with WebSell’s integrated solution. Increase customer retention by harnessing your sales data to deliver tailored offers to specific customers. Grow your business by delivering a cross-channel customer experience.

WebSell is committed to making the implementation and training process as simple as possible. Be sure to check out their video guides to RMH integration and RMS integration.

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A unified commerce strategy isn’t just another thing you need to worry about, it’s the only thing.