Zoined Retail Analytics

Zoined Retail Analytics

Boost your productivity and sales! With ZOINED® Retail Analytics, you get real-time actionable insights from your RMH and other business systems.

ZOINED® Retail Analytics instantly brings your data to you – Take better advantage of your RMH Store and RMH Central point-of-sale system data!

  • Analyze differences between stores and sales personnel and implement best practices quickly in all stores
  • Improve your product assortment and increase the average order value
  • Understand your customers’ behavior in more detail
  • Forecast demand better and optimize your inventory levels
  • Integrate multiple data sources
  • Easy-to-use visual reporting and analytics tools
  • Actionable insights at the right time
  • Alerts and predictive analytics
zoined instant retail data
Zoined Insights and Foresights

ZOINED® Insights & Foresights – Retrieve real-time data related to sales, campaigns, inventory, visitors, and working hours instantly.

  • Automated Insights – Save time by automating reports, scheduling email reports, dashboards, and alerts
  • Relevant Information – See root causes for changes in KPIs and provide key information across the organization
How Does Zoined Work

ZOINED® Automated Email Reports – Stay on top of your business with handy automated tools!

  • Schedule Reports – Scheduled and configured by you to include precisely the KPIs and comparisons YOU need
  • Direct Details – Emails display relevant insights clearly
  • Continue Analysis – Easily dive deeper from email data into the web portal for further drill-downs of data for a change of analysis perspective
Zoined Email Reports

ZOINED® Retail Dashboards A complete view of your retail business with custom dashboards

  • Aggregate Data – Combine information from multiple sources and provide various ways to visualize
  • Optimise – Improve in-store conversion, cross-sell and up-sell, category performance, inventory management, workforce planning, and staff costs.
  • Outside Sources – See how weather and other outside data may influence sales

Proactively steer your business in the right direction based on AI-generated insights and industry best practices!

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