Age Verification for RMH

With Age Verification for Retail Management Hero (RMH), checking IDs for age-regulated products is easy!

New West’s Age Verification add on for RMH utilizes driver’s license or state ID barcode technology to verify your customer’s age with a simple scan. Add functionality to Retail Management Hero to confirm the age of your customer when they’re purchasing regulated products like beer, wine, tobacco, cannabis and more.

Setup is easy and rules are designated by Department and Category and setting their appropriate “minimum age” requirements. Once the software is configured, cashiers can simply add a corresponding product to the transaction and they will be prompted to validate ID and can scan the driver’s license or state ID barcode (manual entry also available). If the customer’s ID does not meet the requirements for the item specified in the Age Verification rules, the cashier will be prompted and the designated regulated item will not be added to the transaction.

The add on comes with an Age Verification activity report that will show log entries each time an item is added to a sale and an ID is checked. Failed ID checks are also added to the log, due to age restriction violations, so the history is maintained.

Age Verification Features:
• Fast and easy
• Simply scan ID barcodes for verification
• Removes regulated item from sale if proper ID is not scanned or entered
• Great for beer, wine, liquor, cannabis dispensaries, smoke shops, convenience stores and any other retailers selling age-restricted products
• Age Verification report included!

Code Scanners for Age VerificationRecommended 2D Barcode Scanners:
• Code CR950
• Code CR1500
• Code CR5000

If you’re looking for an easy RMH add on to help your staff maintain compliance when selling age-regulated products, Age Verification for RMH may be a good fit for you! Contact our team today to learn more about Age Verification for RMH!