Modern Suite

Modern Suite

Employees are happier when they have modern tools that automate routine tasks. Modern Suite pays for itself in productivity and employee satisfaction!

POS Cashier with Quick Tasks

Boost your RMH efficiency with lightning-fast cloud management! 

Modern Suite streamlines your back-office workflows.

We have Purchase Orders with Predictive Order Guidance, Special Order Tracker, Localization, Label Printing, Quick Tasks, Import and Export, Analytics, Inventory Count (Stock Take) with Smart Audit, Inter-Store Transfers, Item Lookup, and Item Edit functions all included in Modern Suite!

Modern Suite is beyond mobile and works on any device, any OS, anytime!

Quick Tasks

Quick Tasks have redefined efficiency in Modern Suite task execution. Akin to making a call to someone on speed dial, Quick Tasks are rapid singular-action commands that simply get the job done quicker!

  • Customer-Facing
    Price Check
  • Cashier/Internal Use Price Check with Cost
  • Add, Remove, and Edit Serial Number
  • Scan to Print Labels
  • Price Edit
  • Price Edit and
    Label Print
  • Edit Common Fields
  • Promo Edit
  • Stock Edit
  • Add Alias
  • Add Image to Item
Import and Export your data!

Import and Export Functionality

  • Export – POs, Transfers, Items, Customers, and Vouchers
  • Import – POs, Transfers, Items, and Customers
  • Item Import Fields Support – Many of the item record fields are now supported for import and export, including On Hand quantities

Special Order Tracker

  • Leverages RMH Purchase Order and Work Order Functionality – as well as item templates
  • Customer Notification – Emails customers when special orders arrive and are received in store
  • Clear Tracking – Easily track open, released, and received orders
  • History Saved – Purchase order and customer history preserved in RMH records
Modern Suite Special Order Tracker
Data is smooth and clear with Modern Suite's Data Zamboni!

Rapid Sync & Zamboni Sync

  • Rapid Bidirectional Sync – Real-time two-way synchronization to RMH, ensuring data at RMH Central matches the stores, and vice-versa
  • Zamboni Data Cleanup – Item, PO, and Transfer cleanup and Backdate/Resync based on a designated date akin to the RMS “Backdate 401” process


  • Intelligent Item Details – KPIs allow for quick access to individual item performance data
  • Native Reporting – Transaction history and reporting are easily viewed in the native RMH and RMH Central reports
  • Batch Creation and Management – Create, view status, and list open batches, sort and filter by status, view, and filter item lists, and summarize data
  • Succinct Audit Trail – Follows users from login to batch creation, modular task actions, all the way through log out
Analytics make decisions easier!

Item Management

  • Item Lookup/Price Checker – Scan item barcodes to perform price check/item lookup
  • Item Edit – Easily edit an extensive set of Item Properties on the fly, including Supplier Reorder Number
  • Lot Code Support – Including Quantities, Weight, and Date/Expiration from item editing and receiving through label printing and sync to RMH Central, data attributes for Lots are consistent
  • Scoping – Scope POs, Inventory Counts, and Transfers based on Supplier, Department, Category, and Search term
Modern Suite Communication and Zamboni Sync
Manage your inventory from anywhere with ease!
  • RMH & RMH Central Compatible – Seamlessly create POs, Transfers, and more for your multi-store environment with accurate results across users and stores
  • Job Queue – Threaded job queue processes data submitted as you navigate between modules for performing large counts, printing a high volume of labels, and accomplishing enterprise-level inventory movement tasks
  • Quick-fill Serial Number – Rapid workflow with quick entry and management of serialized items

Label Printing

  • Rapid Printing – High-speed and IP-based, with a variety of templates included and support of ZPL IP-based printers
  • Recently Modified Filtering – Support for printing labels for items that have been recently modified
  • Extensive Fields Support – An extensive list of fields is now available to use in the label printing configuration, including Bin Location, Master Pack Quantity, and more
Print Standard Barcode and QR Code Formats!
Inter-Store Transfers are Easy with Modern Suite!

Inter-store Transfers

  • Transfer Between Stores – Tracks the transfer of items between stores in RMH Central/Warehouse environment

Purchase Order Management

  • Predictive Order Guidance with Suggested Buy Levels – Ordering guidance for POs based on historical data and current sales trajectories
  • Make Purchasing and Other Inventory Management Decisions from Anywhere – Home, Office, or the Beach
  • Easily Perform Receiving Functions – Higher Accuracy with Increased Speed
Purchase Orders and Receiving is so easy in Modern Suite!
Modern Suite changes the line item color to indicate data is suspect.

Inventory Count

  • Smart Audit – Performs a reality check on inventory count entries in real-time as entered based on historical data, validating as the count is performed, and an orange visual indicator (see image left) is shown if data entered is suspect
  • Simultaneous Use – Multiple Devices and Users Per Count
  • Display Counted – The count list displays only items counted
  • Rapid Scan – “Click Scan” of any barcode type – Standard and QR
  • Easy Manual Entry
  • Delta Count – This allows you to count inventory while the store is open and reconciles all sales and inventory movement deltas that occurred when the count was in progress


  • Device Agnostic – Any Device, Any OS, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Accessible via Browser on Internal Store Network
  • Runs fast over WiFi or Cellular Network
  • Supported on Android, iOS, Windows, and Other Devices
  • Simple to Use Interface
  • Easy User Management – Users are managed by controlling permissions by security level within RMH. Cashiers can be confined to counts and manager user privileges can control blind counts, creation of batches, committing batches, and more
Modern Suite is hardware and OS agnostic!
Languages can be set based on location!


  • Set language in the software based on country of use
  • English and Español are currently available
  • Additional languages coming soon

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