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The Global Payments Integrated SecurePlus integrations for Retail Management Hero, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Dynamics RMS cover the small, mid, and enterprise retail merchants.

Global Payments Integrated - SecurePlus for RMS and RMH

SecurePlus for RMH and RMS integrations feature:

  • Encrypted Device Options. Point-to-point encryption instantly renders card data useless with cyber thieves!
  • Advanced security features. Never store cardholder data onsite, reducing PCI compliance burden.
  • Accept more payment methods. NFC Payments (Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay), EMV, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit, Gift, and more.
  • Flexible signature requirements. Merchants can set up the transaction amount for requiring a signature.
  • Improved customer experience. Transaction line item display, signature capture, and QuickChip functionality make for a swift and easy checkout.
  • Enhanced user features. Store-and-forward (offline transactions), decline minimizer, signature capture, integrated tips, split-tenders, returns, and enhanced tokenization (card-on-file)
  • Expanded user services. 24/7 customer care, responsive technical team, EdgeShield security, free pricing analysis, and price match guarantee
Global Payments SecurePlus Device Options
SecurePlus is compatible with Verifone M400, P400, and E285 devices

Global Payments Integrated strives to help businesses succeed by delivering secure and personalized payment solutions and serves more than 2,000 technology partners across 60 industry verticals throughout the United States and Canada. For more information about Global Payments Integrated, visit

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