Last Mile Deployment

We can help take your project the last mile!

Need help with in-store payments or POS hardware rollouts?

Let New West Technologies, Inc. become your trusted go-to Partner for your client’s in-store hardware and merchant services needs. For 30 years we have been focused on helping retailers and partners increase profitability and efficiency, bringing the best of breed hardware and payment systems integration. Partner with us today and we can enhance the services you have available to your clients and boost your rollout capacity!

Partner Services Options:

Let’s Plan Your Next Mile

Payment Integration Solutions (Software and Hardware)

  • Payment Connectors for:
    • Retail Management Hero
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3
      • MPOS & EPOS
    • Microsoft Dynamics RMS
  • Liaise with Merchant Processor
    • Obtain Parameter/VAR Sheets
    • Payment Terminal Encryption
  • Payment Terminal Configuration and Deployment
    • Prepare Deployment Plan
    • Prepare Cut-over Plan
Payment Integration Solutions


Strategic Deployment Planning - Hardware Strategic Deployment Planning – Hardware

  • Determine Goals and Objectives of the Project
  • Define the Scope of Work and Deliverables
  • Quantify the Sites, Seats, Users and Locations
  • Describe the Installation, Configuration, Operational Processes that will be Modified as a Result of the Deployment Process
  • Describe the Factors Necessary for Deployment and Transitioning
  • Identify the Individual Tasks Associated with the Installation of Equipment/Software/Hardware etc.
  • Define Roles and Responsibilities of All Parties
  • Prescribe the Ideal Hardware Solution Stack Based On Business, Technical and Functional Requirements


Resources and Schedule Planning

  • Work with the Client to Finalize the Installation Plan, Training Plan, Communication Plan, Schedule and Other Deployment Documents
Resources and Schedule Planning


Risk Assessment Risk Assessment

  • Clarification of Assumptions
  • Outline of Dependencies
  • Review of Constraints


Site Preparation and Readiness

  • Identify the Steps Necessary to Assist the Customer in Preparing the Target Site
  • Site Survey
    • Layout and Site Diagram
    • Environment Assessment and Health Check
    • Network and Connectivity Assessment
  • Installation Considerations
    • Safety
    • Code and Industry Standards
    • Installation Planning
    • Weather and Productivity
    • Installation Site Maintenance
    • Installation Records
Site Preparation & Assessment


Hardware Procurement Hardware Procurement

  • Determine Best of Breed Hardware Solution
  • Source and Quote Hardware Peripherals
  • POS Workstations, Printers, Scanners, Pole Displays, Etc.
  • Plan Timeline for Procurement
  • Order Processing and Tracking
  • Delivery Confirmation


Staging & Go-Live Planning

  • Cut-Over Planning
  • Verification that Equipment and Software Is Properly Installed
  • Verification that Each Subsystem is Communicating Properly


Production Rollout Production Roll-out (Boots on the Ground)

  • Staging and Pre-Deployment Review
  • Resource Allocation
  • Travel and Equipment Delivery Logistics


Project Close

  • Obtaining Sign Off
  • Review of Lessons Learned
  • Transition Project to Appropriate Support Team
Project Close


Post Implementation Support Post Implementation Support

  • First Level Support for Hardware and Payments, Including Warranty Repair, Management, and Asset Tracking

As your trusted Dynamics 365, AX, RMS and RMH Partner, we can take the best approach for you. Whether your team needs the addition of experienced merchant services integration deployment, hardware procurement and staging, or on-the-ground production rollout, our team will join with yours to create the best environment for your customers. Our company offers a wealth of retail knowledge and experience, as well as 24/7/356 technical support.

Let us deliver the last mile of your client’s retail implementation.

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