MYPOS Connect

MYPOS Connect

MYPOS Connect is a cloud-enabled retail system that allows stores to connect with customers, suppliers, employees, finance, e-commerce, 3rd party apps, and more!

With MYPOS Connect, users have a comprehensive software suite that delivers the functionality that retail stores require. Point of sale, customer management, accounts receivable, purchasing and receiving, inventory control, reporting and analytics, database management, and user security and administration are all included in the native software.

With a fully customizable POS user experience, global CRM, omnichannel functionality, and so much more, MYPOS Connect will take your store to the next level of tracking and efficiency. Independent, enterprise and wholesale retailers will benefit from the breadth of features available. (Click images to enlarge detail).

Comprehensive Software Suite
POS, Customers, A/R, Purchasing, Inventory, and MORE!
MyPOS Connect Evolution from Microsoft RMS
Evolution from Microsoft RMS
MyPOS Connect User Selected Functions
User Selected Functions
MyPOS Connect Completely Customizable Menu
Completely Customizable Menu
MyPOS Connect Key Functional Elements
Key Functional Elements of MyPOS Connect

Comprehensive Reporting

MYPOS Connect provides powerful reporting and data analysis and comes with:

  • More than 200 standard reports 
  • Access the Reports Portal
    • Customized dashboard 
    • Limit access to 
  • Use a variety of data filters 
  • Export and email any report 
  • One-touch report buttons
  • Modify any report 
  • Optional interactive reports plug-in

Omni-Channel Sales

  • Sell online, in-store, or by phone 
  • Automatically upload product file changes 
  • Include online sales with in-store sales 
  • Use MYPOS Connect’s off-the-shelf integration to

Customer Engagement

  • Unlimited customer records, multiple customer addresses, and management of A/R customers
  • Charge special customer pricing
  • Create customer rewards programs 
  • Optional integration to GatherUp 
  • Optional integration to Send In Blue and Constant Contact
MyPOS Connect 3rd Party Apps
Connect to 3rd party applications for customer reviews, accounting, e-commerce, business intelligence, email marketing, and so much more!
MyPOS Connect Operational Efficiency
Operational Efficiency Built In
MyPOS Connect Membership & Ticketing Plug-Ins
Membership and Ticketing Functionality
MyPOS Connect Plugins
Popular Plug-Ins Available
MyPOS Connect Key Benefits of MyPOS Connect Architecture
Key Benefits of the MyPOS Connect Architecture

Intuitive Purchasing Tools

  • Create purchase orders manually or automatically
  • Import purchase orders 
  • Print purchase orders 
  • Receive purchase orders 
  • Leverage powerful trending analyses 

Comprehensive, Auditable Multi-Store Inventory Management System

  • Track every item you buy and sell 
  • Issue store transfers 
  • Process stock counts 
  • Make auditable adjustments
  • Receive returned items into temporary “In Limbo”
  • Generate detailed inventory movement reports
MyPOS Connect Multi Store Architecture
Multi-Store Architecture Structure

Available Professional Services

System Installation And Configuration

  • Remote system configuration
  • POS workstation pre-staging
  • Site management services

Data Conversion

  • Data file conversion and data importing services
  • Microsoft Dynamics RMS users can easily transition to MyPOS Connect

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End-User Training

  • Customized end-user training
  • Train-the-trainer programs
  • Custom user guides

End-User Support

  • Accessible support 24/7/365
  • Detailed incident tracking
  • Support plan options

Custom Programming And Report Development

  • Custom programming services
  • Custom report development
MyPOS Connect Key Benefits for Chain Stores
Key Benefits of MyPOS Connect for Chain Stores
MyPOS Connect Customizable UI
Fully Customizable POS User Interface