Domaine Serene – Microsoft RMS Case Study

Domaine Serene – Microsoft RMS Case Study

From Grape to Shelf with Microsoft RMS

Wineries offer unique challenges for POS solution integration. Grapes are grown on the premises, pressed and bottled into fine wine, then distributed and sold; all in the same location. Domaine Serene, a distinguished winery in the Dundee Hills of Oregon, needed a digital solution for its award winning wine that would cover all aspects of operation, from grape to shelf.

Allan Carter, Marketing Director of Domaine Serene, was interested in expanding the retail operations of the winery. In researching potential solutions he came across New West Technologies, a Portland based integrator of retail POS software solutions.

“Traditionally, all orders were processed manually. This made tracking sales and inventory very difficult. Taking orders by hand and fulfilling them from handwritten work orders was not fast, reliable, or effective,” reflects Carter, “I came from the high tech world before getting into the wine business so I was very aware of the challenges we faced in creating the perfect retail solution. New West Technologies had the right technology, the right attitude, and the right people for us. They made the process painless – no small feat for anyone designing a custom solution.”

Working within budget while still accomplishing the project goals, New West Technologies elected to maintain the existing winery software and to integrate it into Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS) by building a custom software extension.

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