Local Choice Produce Market – Microsoft RMS Case Study

Local Choice Produce Market – Microsoft RMS Case Study

A Fresh Approach to POS and Loyalty Systems with Microsoft RMS

Local Choice Market chose an old-world approach to selling produce in an open-air market with bins full of fresh produce from regional farms. While the concept may be traditional, the approach is very modern, and an innovative food market deserves an innovative POS solution. Local Choice market chose New West Technology to build a retail point of sale system that was as fresh as the local produce they sell. The highlight of the system that includes Microsoft Dynamics on nine POS stations with weight scanners is not the system itself, but a new type of customer loyalty program integrated within the system.

Making Customer Loyalty Programs Customer Friendly

Because Local Choice is not a traditional supermarket, they needed a loyalty program that was different from the card systems used by big chain stores. The main goal of the program would be to reward customers based on their buying habits while protecting and respecting their right to privacy.

NWT’s Innovative, High-Tech Solution

The key to the system is a chip that is attached to the customer’s cell phone, keychain, or card. The chip delivers rewards by text message to the customer’s cell phone. A customer can scan their chip at any time during the transaction, with no interaction required by the cashier. To allow the chip to work with both rewards system (Bloyal) and Microsoft Dynamics RMS, New West Technologies built customizations into the Microsoft Dynamics POS system to connect the chip with the customer’s account. The customizations allow for the cashier to add a new chip to an account, remove a chip from an account, and merge accounts from the POS interface.

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