Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver – Microsoft RMS Case Study

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity ReStore Chain Improves Services to its Mission, Customers, and Donors

“Microsoft Dynamics RMS’ flexibility and New West’s wide retail familiarity were a great fit for us. RMS sells to walk-ins and industrial customers. Then it manages the big picture and granular details of materials cost and returns. Its feature set spoke to our business’s functional requirements and future scalability.

We see Microsoft’s vision for RMS as matching our customer vision. It’s customer-centric for us as users, just as we’re centered on our 10,000 customers. We’ve seen it scale up to large chains, so we’ll be in its sweet spot no matter how large we grow. When a retailer upgrades to Microsoft Dynamics AX for complete retail ERP, the money and learning from RMS slide right in.

RMS cured our IT deficiencies with its flexible and unified reporting, gift cards, and customizable POS touch screens. Because many cashiers are volunteers or short-term, it’s vital we’re able to design everyday screens so they’re intuitive and make sense to the eye.”

Read the full Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver Case Study here.