Software Engineering: Integration Testing for Reliability

To ensure reliability and stability of our integration products, all development projects have gone through different types of functional and non-functional testing which includes performance testing, usability testing, security testing, regression testing and stress testing, which are crucial to software engineering. By Charlie Wu, Software Engineer In a fast-paced retail environment that processes a large number of daily transactions, it is critical for retailers to have an efficient and reliable point of sale payment system […]

Software Engineering, Software Integration

Software Engineering Planning

During the process of defining the functional requirements, there are three pitfalls to watch out for. Are the requirements realistic? Are they consistent? Are they complete? By Reid Phillips, Senior Software Engineer You have an idea for a piece of software. What comes next? The first stage of Software Engineering is typically that of planning. The planning stage starts with your problem statement but quickly expands beyond the initial description, eventually providing a complete picture […]

Introduction to Software Engineering

By Reid Phillips, Senior Software Engineer I have an idea for some software. Now what? The processes associated with taking an idea for software and turning it into a reality is referred to as Software Engineering. As software has become more prevalent in our every day lives the processes and procedures associated with Software Engineering have continued to evolve. Though each implementation can be different, often Software Engineering will commonly involve stages such as planning, […]