New West Prints PPE for Local Medical Staff

New West Prints PPE for Local Medical Staff

“It’s all about people and relationships are what matter most.” Charlie King


As we stay home and work remotely during the Coronavirus pandemic,
the New West Technologies staff has been putting in extra time.

With friends and family in the healthcare industry, we are answering the call for more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Seventeen 3D printers were ordered and our team was eager to contribute to the cause. Supplies were swiftly distributed to our crew in Portland and across the country and we are now in production creating face shields for local hospital staff.

“Nurses in our community hospitals, clinics, and emergency departments are in need of PPE. This is another way we can step up as we stay home and help to flatten the curve. It also gives us something helpful and positive to put our attention on during a worrisome time,” said Dan King, New West Technologies President.

Thank you to all the essential workers! You are the heroes keeping us healthy, safe, and stocked and we appreciate all you do.

We’re all in this together!