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Retail Management Hero Central


Streamlining Multi-Store Retail Management with a System Built for the Industry
Multi-unit retail chains need a fully-integrated enterprise solution to effectively run business operations. With Retail Management Hero (RMH) Central, managing and configuring multi-unit operations has never been easier.

All of a retail chain’s valuable enterprise data can be managed from one, centralized system, ensuring that not only are data transfers fast, accurate, and secure, but the insights gleaned from the data provide the visibility required to make better business decisions. Best of all, RMH Central utilizes the latest network communication technology.

RMH Central is the fully integrated headquarters solution that configures, manages, and reports on the Retail Management Hero (RMH) Stores. It enables small-to-large retailers in a variety of vertical markets to process and report on POS and in-store functions in a multi-store environment. This means that all stores in the retail enterprise running RMH can automatically communicate back up to the headquarters office everything from store configuration and customer accounts to sales, pricing and inventory information on a daily basis. Retailers can trust that all data transfers are fast, secure and reliable, and also leverage the latest network communication technologies.

Targeted Markets
RMH Central is designed for retailers, in nearly any vertical or market, who operate in a multi-store environment (more than one store) and want to have increased visibility and control over their entire store enterprise. The solution can support an unlimited number of stores, as long as each has at least one POS station running the RMH Store solution. With its vast features and ability to easily integrate with a wide range of software add-ons, RMH Central can essentially ‘grow as retailers grow,’ enabling them to scale and adapt their business worldwide.
RMH Central Inventory Management
Inventory Control
Create a unified stocking solution across multiple stores and centralize the management of Suppliers, Purchase Orders, Invoices and Credit Notes, while easily creating Transfer In and Transfer Out orders.

Fast Communication
Provide nearly instant updates to all your stores and automatically reconnect if connections are suddenly lost. Solution includes a built-in data integrity check.

RMH Central UseReporting
Gain more visibility into operations with a complete reporting system for each aspect of centralized store management.

Schedule Sales and Promotions
Enhance your sales and promotions by managing them for all retail locations from one centralized management platform.

Choose from multiple languages, taxation methods (including VAT), and payment options for many regions throughout the world.

Accounts Receivable
Manage the financial aspects of your accounts with a centralized view of your billing system.

RMH Central WorksheetsGift and Loyalty
Leverage a complete gift and customer loyalty rewards program to enhance the customer experience in all retail locations to build and retain loyalty, support, and dedication to your brand. It’s a centralized way to manage Incentive Groups, Collections, Redemptions, Accelerators, and more.

Fast Communication
Provide nearly instant updates to all your stores and automatically reconnect if connections are suddenly lost. The solution includes a built-in data integrity check.

Enhancements and Extensions
Select from fully-vetted integrations and add-on modules that can enhance and extend RMH for customized usability, multi-functionality and optimal customer experience.

Easily Navigate and Update
Configure and manage multiple stores across your retail enterprise – from one central location:

  • Store to Store Transfers
  • Suppliers and Purchase Orders
  • Product Pricing and Discounts Across Stores
  • Departments and Categories
  • Regional Store Groupings
  • Enterprise-level Item Setup and Management
    Contact us today for more information about how we can help you implement Retail Management Hero RMH Central and RMH Store as a fresh new system installation or an upgrade from Microsoft RMS or RMS HQ. With RMH, together we can bring your retail business into the future!