Is EMV Slowing You Down?

Pick up the pace with NFC Payments, the newest option in secure processing! We have new RMS Solutions to enable NFC!

After years of using magnetic stripe credit cards for fast payments at the point of sale, the new EMV process at the POS may seem to take a lot of time. Customers insert their chip card, wait for next steps, cashiers process the transaction information, obtain a signature, remove the card… and so on. If EMV is slowing your lines and adding to your customers’ wait times, you should consider talking up the speedy process of checking out with a smartphone via NFC, or near-field communication.

Mobile payments, leveraging NFC and mobile wallets, are continuously gaining traction with consumers via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and other smartphone wallet technologies. NFC payments allow customers to touch a sensor on the payment terminal at the store with their smartphone and confirm payments quickly and effortlessly.

New West Technologies has a solution that will work for you, and allow you to expand your payment processing to accept Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay. We can help you incorporate this new payment option into your Microsoft Dynamics platform. Contact us today to learn more!