Retail Technology Solutions Summit (RTSS) 2023: An Excellent Event for Business Development

Retail Technology Solutions Summit (RTSS) 2023: An Excellent Event for Business Development

We recently attended the Retail Technology Solutions Summit (RTSS) 2023 and were very impressed with the event. The format was unique, well-designed, enlightening, and pushed the boundaries for understanding the future of Retail Technology in new ways we hadn’t anticipated.

Private boardroom presentations comprise the RTSS event. Each vendor has a 25-minute session with a group of 10-12 VARs with time for a focused and in-depth discussion about products and solutions, immersing and concentrating on areas we hadn’t previously considered. The deliberate approach allowed for a more profound exploration of topics beyond what we usually participate in, sparking new exploration opportunities.

In addition to the boardroom presentations, there were several other valuable sessions at the event. These included keynote presentations from industry experts, panel discussions, and networking events. We learned a lot about the latest trends in retail technology and had a chance to meet some great people.

The RTSS 2023 event was great, with insightful knowledge exchange and networking opportunities. The effort put forth by the RTSS team to ensure the summit was engaging, worthwhile, and considerate of everyone’s time did not go unnoticed. Each session maximized productivity, making the experience educational and efficient. Connecting with our industry fellows, learning about new trends, and getting inspired was excellent. We recommend it to other vendors looking to grow their business.

We thank the RTSS team for organizing such a great event and look forward to attending again next year