Data Recovery: What Is Your Backup Solution Doing for You?

So much of the backup software marketing out there is focused on compliance, data protection, real-time protection, cloud backup, downtime, loss of information, security and automation, with less emphasis on data backup recovery. You do not often see terms like “recovery time” or “recovery success rate”. Perhaps it’s time to place more emphasis on the recovery options and their reliability when selecting a backup solution. By Ryan Nunn, Technical Services I recently had a situation […]

Point of Sale Security Best Practices

Enterprises should take several measures to improve point of sale security, prevent POS malware infections and avoid POS data breaches. By New West Technologies Service Team There are several key practices that every retailer should have in place, or work diligently toward implementing, in order to help prevent data breaches at the point of sale (POS). It’s important for you to acknowledge that all POS systems do have at least some level of security risk […]

Backing Up Your RMH Database

By Eric Green, CRO, Project and Service Manager Regular RMH database backup is one of the most import things you can do for your store. If you do not have an automated process in place to accomplish this task, you can manually back it up using Retail Management Hero Administrator. The steps to perform an RMH backup are fairly simple. First, launch the RMH Store Administrator on the database server. You must run this program […]

What is Transport Layer Security (TLS)?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) are critical to ensuring that systems are secure when communicating information between sources, such as merchant services transactions and online payments. What are SSL and TLS and how do they affect your business? By Brian Chow, Chief Technology Officer You’ve probably heard about Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS). You may have even gotten a notice that you are required to upgrade some […]

Five Easy Changes to Improve Network Security

By Sean Pride, Service Technician Often the most basic details can help make your network environment more secure. By following the below list of suggestions, you can strengthen your network security. Ditch the Default I’ve worked innumerable times with users who have failed to change their default router password. The first thing you should do after purchasing a piece of network hardware such a modem or router is log into the configuration page and change […]

Network Hardware: To Lease or To Buy?

Internet Service Providers advertise their devices as being convenient and easy to set up and activate and there is no refuting that claim. Leasing a modem from your ISP is a convenient way to provide your business with internet access. However, leasing network hardware is not the only option. By Sean Pride, Service Technician When considering equipment for your business, the database server, point of sale machines, and workstations are likely at the forefront. Peripherals […]