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Inventory Count (Stock Take), Label Printing, Item Lookup & Manager, Purchase Order, and Transfer modules are live in Modern Mobile Suite!

Available now for an RMH or RMS environment near you, MMS works on any device, any OS, anytime!

We’re taking inventory control for RMH and RMS into the future. Mobile Inventory Count (Stock Take), Label Printing, Item Lookup & Manager, Purchase Order, and Transfer modules are live in the latest release, with additional functional modules to follow.

We’ve built the best of what you’re looking for in an inventory count experience:

  • Mobile and Connected
  • Multiple Devices and Users Per Count
  • Easy to Use Software Extension and Interface
  • Accurate Results Across Users and/or Stores

Modern Mobile Suite is the newest mobile inventory management extension from New West Technologies, Inc. Built to interact with the Retail Management Hero (RMH) and Microsoft RMS environments, MMS is device agnostic, easy to use, and feature packed, with additional modules planned in the roadmap!

Inventory counting is now quick, accurate and easy to complete! With Rapid Scan (an intuitive scanning utility), easy entry, and a simple interface, Modern Mobile Suite inventory counting takes the stress out of inventory count planning and execution.

  • Accessible Via Browser – Works With Android, iOS, Windows and Other Devices with Browser Access
  • Count List Displays Only Items Counted
  • Rapid Scan of Any Barcode Type
  • Easy Entry (Manual Entry)
  • Serial Numbers

Managers want to be able to view inventory history. Audit tracking in Modern Mobile Suite follows users from login, through the batch creation and counting process, all the way through logout. This way, visibility is clear from create to commit. Reconciliation of count batches will be easily trackable. History and reporting are easily viewed in the native RMH and RMS software reports.

Easily manage users by controlling permissions by security level. Cashiers can be confined to performing counts and manager user privileges can control blind counts, creation of batches, committing batches, and more.

Creating batches, viewing batch status, and listing open batches is all possible with Modern Mobile Suite. You can sort and filter by status, view and filter item lists, and summarize data clearly and accurately.

Keep your eyes peeled for additional module release announcements!

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